Centre for Coaching Education

WV Centre for Coaching Education Awards Nomination Brochure (ATTACH)

In April 2004 the new certification program was launched and named the New NCCP Model. This new program is designed to take into account different types of coaches who contribute to the Canadian sport system and the environment context in which they coach. There are three streams: community sport stream; competition stream; and instruction stream with three stages of accreditation’s in training, trained and certified.

The Western Valley Centre for Coaching Education consists of nine board members who meet regularly to organize the Annual Western Valley Centre for Coaching Awards Banquet and National Coaching Certification Courses.

Each year there is a Western Valley Centre for Coaching Education Annual Banquet. Many recreational activities would not be possible if it weren’t for the coaches who are dedicated volunteers who have given countless hours so that athletes can enjoy the benefits of well-organized sports. Each award nominee must possess outstanding leadership and organizational skills in a volunteer capacity for a sport/recreation team, club, organization or an event. The nominee’s efforts will have had to make a strong impact on the community.

Board Members

  • Jill Whitehouse – Carleton North
  • David Daye – Woodstock
  • Cheryl Inman – Tobique Valley
  • Gib Anderson – North Lake
  • Dana Stokoe – Hartland
  • Kelcy Kuhn – Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture
  • TBA – Nackawic
  • Jill Dunnett – Woodstock
  • Justine Waldeck – Southern Victoria

If you are interested in taking any NCCP Part A or Part B Coaching Course please contact Kelcy Kuhn at 425-9649 or kelcy.kuhn@gnb.ca