Cupe 1418 Donates $100 to WV P.R.O. Kids

The Goal of P.R.O. Kids…
The goal of P.R.O. Kids is to provide assistance to as many children and youth (18 & Under) as possible, who, due to lack of funds, are unable to participate in sport, art, recreational or cultural activities.

P.R.O. Kids Vision…
P.R.O. Kids vision is that all children residing in the Western Valley Recreation Association area (Nackawic to Plaster Rock) have the opportunity to participate in recreation activities that boost their self esteem and promote their healthy growth through the learning of new skills, increased knowledge and personal development.

Factors that Affect Participation…
There are many factors parents or guardians consider before registering a child for a recreational activity:

  •  number of children in the family
  •  number of recreational activities the children participate in
  •  traveling distance to facilities


1. Applications SHOULD BE RECEIVED PRIOR to the start of the activity/program.

2. Every family situation is different; therefore, each application will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

3. Applications are processed on a first come first serve basis; no one gets preferential treatment.

4. A. The parent/guardian is responsible for completing every section on the application. (i.e. Parent/Guardian info, identifying the activity/program, information on the registration cost and contact info for organization. If incomplete this will delay the process.

B. MANDATORY EMAIL: We request that a current email address to be provided as the “Results” of your application(s) will be sent electronically.

5. How to Apply. This is an “online” process (visit your local library or recreation department for access to a computer or assistance. The P.R.O. Kids Coordinator will also be available for assistance to apply online (506) 375-0814.)

Apply ”online-only” to PRO Kids – Click on PRO Kids on the side bar located at the left side of this page. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see “Click Here To Apply”.

Follow the instructions.

A. Who Can Apply? P.R.O. Kids is available to all children/youth up to the age of 18, who lack the financial resources to register for a recreation program and who are NOT currently participating in other paid recreation programs. It is not intended to supplement participation in more than one activity at a time. Applicant(s) cannot be receiving funding from other organizations or with foundations etc.

B. P.R.O Kids allows children to participate in one activity per season as long as it does not exceed $300.00 per calendar year.

Funding Caps: Ages: 0 – 3 $ 50 per activity (that is $100 & Under)
Ages: 4 – 6 $100 per activity (that is $300 & Under)
Ages: 7 – 18 $300 per activity

C. The parent/guardian is responsible for registering their child directly with the identified activity/program and let them know that there is an application into P.R.O. KIDS for financial assistance. This process may vary from program to program. This does not guarantee that funding will be approved.

D. The parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring that the child attends the program. If for some reason, the child can no longer participate, the parent/guardian must contact P.R.O. KIDS.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding P.R.O. Kids process, please contact the P.R.O. Kids Coordinator at (506) 375-0814

Non-Eligible Expense & Programs…
– Specialty Camps such as Bible Camp, Day Care or week-long sport/ recreational camps are not eligible for P.R.O. Kids assistance (special circumstances may apply).
– Expenses related to tournaments (i.e. registration, hotel, travel, meals, etc) or league games are not eligible for P.R.O. Kids assistance
– Individuals currently in another paid program/activity are not eligible for assistance.